Hyperwheel Overdrive is a groundbreaking multiplayer VR driving action game that combines first-person arena combat and racing.

Hyperwheel Overdrive: Virtual Reality Car Combat & Racing

Thursday, March 26, 2020: Hyperwheel Overdrive has been released!

Hyperwheel Overdrive has been launched to Steam Early Access. Buy it now and join the Discord to play with us!

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Note: At launch, Hyperwheel Overdrive supports Oculus Rift, Valve Index, and HTC Vive. Windows Mixed Reality coming soon.

Extra Note for Oculus Questronauts: We'd love to release on Oculus Quest and plan on exploring the possibility of a Quest release in the future. For now, we're dedicated to improving the game on the PC platform!

Hyperwheel Overdrive will be available on Steam again very soon! We've taken it back to the garage for a bit to tweak it and ensure the first experience is comfortable for a larger number of players. Read more in our Steam Announcement here. In the meantime, please do wishlist the game on Steam if you're interested!

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The World of Hyperwheel Overdrive

The year is 2197. Humanity experienced a major collapse in the middle of the 21st century resulting in economic crises, food shortages, and a return to very small communities along with an ever-present feeling of strong distrust that had extended for many decades. By 2156, civilization began to rapidly emerge from the New Dark Age, thanks in large part to the invention of an energy field generating technology that can bind physical objects through fields and apply powerful forces. This led to a nearly endless supply of energy at a very low cost. It also gave rise to the design of the Hyperwheel Car (often referred to by people simply as a Hyperwheel), a new type of vehicle that makes use of the hyperwheel / hyperaxle system which allows for a two-wheeled gyro-stabilized car that can accelerate very quickly. It also provides an energy field-based suspension system that dampens even the most extreme impacts. The suspension system is assisted by an incredible G-Suit that is able to heavily reduce the G forces experienced by the driver substantially.

In 2169, a new sport had arrived that featured Hyperwheel drivers pitted against each other in combat and weaponized racing. Though many competitors pilot their cars via virtual reality and robotic humanoids, there are some that prefer to pilot directly and put their lives on the line for the sport they love. Because the current era is characterized by a strong belief in the necessity of freedom and self determination, most people have little issue with such a thing and are often inspired by the bravery and dedication shown by the "physicals", a term ascribed to the drivers that pilot directly. It also helps that most of the time, the damage is not lethal due to a combination of strong armor provided by the G-Suit and the highly advanced medical technology that now exists.

Start your hyperaxles, grab your laser rifle, and welcome to HYPERWHEEL OVERDRIVE!

About the Game

Hyperwheel Overdrive Screenshot

Hyperwheel Overdrive hit Steam Early Access on March 26, 2020. We are continuing to refine the online gameplay over time, and plan to build new match types and stages over time.

Ramp off gigantic quarter pipes, while firing rockets from your in-car rocket launcher! Soar through the air above the Xenodome with a Plane Kit car mod, or navigate the Volcanica Sea with the Boat Kit. Look through a holographic sight on your laser rifle and shoot other drivers from afar!

Hyperwheel Overdrive has the following features that, combined, make it a unique VR title in 2020:

  • highly maneuverable Hyperwheel Cars, vehicles that can flip over and keep on driving due to a simple & powerful 2-wheel design
  • an assortment of 12 unique power-ups:
    1. Spring: bounce up off the ground; hold the trigger longer to bounce higher
    2. Boost: rocket boost ahead; hold the trigger longer to boost longer
    3. Grenade: throw 'em, cook 'em, or load 'em up into your launcher (it's easy to forget where you left them, though)
    4. Rocket: load these into your launcher too and fire them... even if your enemies are kilometers away
    5. Plane Kit: the plane mod gives you wings and an airplane tail too... just don't shoot a wing off!
    6. Boat Kit: the boat mod gives your hyperwheel car some serious paddle wheels
    7. Energy Shield: an energy bubble around you to take some damage for awhile
    8. Smasher: line up a car and smash!
    9. Spy Rocket: like a rocket, but with a camera that feeds video to your dashboard!
    10. Spiked Ball: a big expanding spiked ball that bounces around and causes massive damage!
    11. Seeker Ball: an expanding ball that searches for targets to chase and will explode if it runs into any players
    12. Homing Rocket: fire a homing rocket and watch it fly towards a target on the dashboard screen!
  • laser rifles, grenade launchers, and rocket launchers, combining first-person shooter elements with driving!
  • online multiplayer modes including Death Match, Team Death Match, Race, Capture The Flag, and Hunt
  • 20 race tracks playable forwards and backwards, in 5 stages

Hop in between those 2 giant wheels and push that throttle forward! It's time to experience Hyperwheel Overdrive!

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View our Hyperwheel Overdrive Press Kit for some additional information.

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