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This History of Neon Engine Interactive

Neon Engine Interactive was founded in 2019 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by Cody Jassman. Cody's passion for game design & development traces back to when he was 13 years old and purchased the A5 3D GameStudio engine, which proved to be a great platform for him to learn many design & development skills that eventually propelled him into a decade-long web development career building database-driven web applications. In 2019, an opportunity presented itself for Cody to move on from web development and pursue that game design / development career dream.

Neon Engine released its debut VR game, Hyperwheel Overdrive, to Steam Early Access on March 26, 2020 and are presently working to finalize the full game release on Steam as well as coordinate a release on the Oculus store. Hyperwheel Overdrive continues to receive substantial updates such as our big v0.9.0 release on August 21 and most recently v0.9.3 on October 27. Hyperwheel Overdrive will soon graduate from Steam Early Access to full release on Steam, and will become available again with a streamlined player onboarding experience and lots of content!

Note: At the moment, the game is not being sold on any platform and will remain so until we've completed all of our intended comfort tweaks to ensure players' first experiences are as comfortable as we can make them. See below for additional information regarding Hyperwheel Overdrive's release status.

Our mission is to drive virtual reality forward with great games that offer novel experiences.

Hyperwheel Overdrive: groundbreaking VR car combat featuring FPS mechanics, arena battles, racing & stunts!

The World of Hyperwheel Overdrive

The year is 2197. Humanity experienced a major collapse in the middle of the 21st century resulting in economic crises, food shortages, and a return to very small communities along with an ever-present feeling of strong distrust that extended for many decades. By 2156, civilization began to rapidly emerge from the New Dark Age, thanks in large part to the invention of an energy field generating technology that can bind physical objects through fields and apply powerful forces. This led to a nearly endless supply of energy at a very low cost. It also gave rise to the design of the hyperwheel car, a new type of vehicle that makes use of the hyperwheel / hyperaxle system which allows for a two-wheeled gyro-stabilized car that can accelerate very quickly. It also provides an energy field-based suspension system that dampens even the most extreme impacts. The suspension system is assisted by an incredible G-Suit that is able to heavily reduce the G forces experienced by the driver substantially.

In 2169, a new sport had arrived that pitted hyperwheel drivers against each other in combat and weaponized racing. Though many competitors pilot their cars via virtual reality and robotic humanoids, there are some that prefer to pilot directly and put their lives on the line for the sport they love. Because the current era is characterized by a strong belief in the necessity of freedom and self determination, most people have little issue with such a thing and are often inspired by the bravery and dedication shown by the "physicals", a term ascribed to the drivers that bravely drive their hyperwheel cars directly. It also helps that, most of the time, the damage is not lethal due to a combination of strong armor provided by the G-Suit and the highly advanced medical technology that now exists.

In the past few decades, Hyperwheel Prime League has become a notable part of human culture. Are you ready to show the world what you can do between those two massive wheels? Start your hyperaxles, grab your laser rifle, and welcome to HYPERWHEEL OVERDRIVE!

About the Game

Hyperwheel Overdrive 3rd-Person Green Car Screenshot

Pilot a hyperwheel car, 2197's most versatile sport combat vehicle. Race or battle against other drivers in VR, or perform big stunts on the massive quarterpipes of the Xenodome. Take advantage of a large assortment of power-ups, as well as your laser rifle & dedicated launcher, to alter the situation in your favor. Use a plane kit to soar over the daunting HyperCorp Complex, or a boat kit to navigate the long shores of Volcanica Island!

  • play 10 different match types including Race, Stunt, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Hunt, and Capture the Flag
  • race 20 unique tracks within the game's 5 stages (forwards & backwards)
  • unlock car decals & other content by earning trophies, or by collecting hidden golden rings
  • play online or offline with bots
  • customize your experience via the many comfort options such as third-person view & rotation locking

As you play, you'll collect race and challenge trophies, as well as golden rings hidden (or otherwise difficult to reach) throughout the game's 5 stages. These are used to unlock additional game content as you become a more experienced hyperwheeler. Unlock new car decals and driver suit skins, as well as additional stages and race tracks.

Hyperwheel Overdrive's innovative vehicle design combined with the powerfully immersive nature of VR make the experience novel and unforgettable!

Hardware Support & Platforms

Hyperwheel Overdrive will be available to new players again on Steam, and will also be available on the Oculus store soon. The best information we have at the moment is that it will be out again September 2020, but we haven't yet nailed down an exact date yet.

At this time, Hyperwheel Overdrive supports the Oculus Rift, Valve Index, and HTC Vive headsets and we are still working on verifying that everything works property in Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Launch Trailer & Other Media

Song: Megadextria by Foreign Objects

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Don't forget to download the Press Kit to have access to Hyperwheel Overdrive media, along with high resolution logo images for both Neon Engine Interactive and Hyperwheel Overdrive, for use in your media publications about our game!